Why should you sell online from your home? Know the exclusive facts!

Selling online is a passion for fashion. It's fast, affordable and profitable for youngster nowadays. You may know the marketing demand and follow fashion every day. Youth like you are earning good profits in online business because they know the sky is the limit in this business.

You better know online business in increasing @ 33% every year.

$40 bn will be the total worth of e-commerce transactions by 2020.

20 Crores Indian will buy online by 2020 as per the online survey report.

Internet users are expected to double from 35 Crores in 2015 to 65 Crores in 2020.

In 2015, 20% of all online shoppers in India were women, this is set to double to 42% by 2020.

Fashion and lifestyle is one of the fastest growing categories in e-Commerce market.

Cash on Delivery (CoD) is the preferred mode of payment for e-Commerce in India which accounted for 45% of the sales in 2015.

Sell On Training Is Free For You, Every Sunday. Tell Your Best Friends & Win Gifts.

1st Sunday (4-6 PM)

  • Introduction to Sell Online
  • Online Vs Offline Selling
  • Benefits Of Sell Online
  • Investment Time Vs Money
  • Why Sell Online?
  • How Can I Start Online Business?
  • Requirements To Do Online Business
  • Introduction To Social Media
  • Presense on Top Social Media Platforms

2nd Sunday (4-6 PM)

  • How To Start Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Facebook Bio Strategy
  • Increase Your Reach On Facebook
  • Rich Photos, Rich Content
  • Right Time To Post On Facebook
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Stories & Live

3rd Sunday (4-6 PM)

  • How To Start Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Custom URL
  • Instagram Bio Strategy
  • Instagram Cover Photo
  • Quality Followers On Instagram
  • Rich Photos on Instagram
  • Right Time To Post On Instagram
  • Audience Creation Strategy
  • Best Hashtags Strategy

4th Sunday (4-6 PM)

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Business Page
  • Instagram Ads
  • Recommended Insta Apps
  • Product Strategy
  • Taxable & Non Taxable Products
  • Intro to Product Photography
  • Intro to Content Description
  • 11:45 AM to 12:00 PM Question Answer Session

"SELLON" founder Mr. Sushil Kanda have 19 years core experience in Internet and online selling.

Revenue in the "e-Commerce" market amounts to US$20,007m in 2017. The market's largest segment is the segment "Fashion" with a market volume of US$6,812m in 2017.

Why should i join sell online training?

Selling on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and online marketplace is booming these days. People love to buy online from brands & social influencers. Therefore, selling online, is a fastest growing home based career in youngster because it is easy & on demand these days.

What is the future of Social Selling in India?

Great Question, But Answer is Future is only Social Selling, Every brand want to reach to their target audiences with social media marketing. Youngsters like you are selling branded & private label products through social selling on social media.

Why brands using social selling?

IBM increased their sales by 400% thanks to their inbound social selling programme.

Where and When can i learn Sell Online Training?

We conduct all our trainings online with live meeting software as per scheduled time everyday & specially on weekend for professionals for free.

Do you provide live training for sell products online from home?

"Sellon" provide you industry best live free classroom training to sell products online on social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp & online market place like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm & Snapdeal. We have design our syllabus in very easy way to understand. We have special discussion session of 30 minutes after completion of every live classroom to solve all of your doubts.

What is the difference in between online & offline selling?

Traditional selling is also known as offline selling like you are selling from your local area shop or City showroom to 10-15 km radius area in your town. In daily routine, you often see some big & successful business person around you & suddenly a thought flash in your mind, whether I also can be a businessman like this.

Do You Want To Earn With Social Selling?

Learn, How to boost your income with Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram Social Selling For Free.

Step by step training to start your social selling online business from your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online selling is booming in India, Many youngsters are selling online from their home. As the demand for online products is high in the market. Therefore, A number of students & marketing professionals want to shape their career in online selling in India. We are in sell online free training classes from last few years. So, We are conducting sell online free training class on a regular basis.
We at sellon.co share you a practical experience of online selling market at the training session. We will fetch you with the latest information and popular tools to get fast insights for the brands to get quick promotions. All our training course is full of latest digital marketing information & training tips to be a better online seller in India & abroad.
Yes, You can choose preferred time for the sell online training.
Yes, You can start your online private label products selling business after the compliation of professional sell online training in India.
OfCourse, We conduct sell online free training course on weekend for professional & working persons.
No, We do not provide you professional training certificate.
No, Sellon Training is Free for all. Sell online training course is a live classroom free training for 4 hours only.


Sukhwinder Singh

"SellOn is a best website for live training in Sell Online all over India. They solved all my queries in few minutes & I had joined the training. Good Luck.

Vijay Thakur

It's wonderful. Now time of digital marketing. SellOn provide the opportunity to the normal person to startup his online business on social media. In present working environment time is money and SellOn provide the opportunity to utilise the time in right direction.

Rohit Sharma

You give very fruitful training. I am feeling very nice after becoming your student & after getting training from you, I feel show you to become a successful person so that you may feel proud of me.

Mukesh Arora

Awesome Training by professionals.I was searching such a company from last 4 years. Now, I am walking towards success.

About Me

I am Sushil Kanda, A Serial Entrepreneur; is going to tell you about online business, about which you all may reading since long.

First of all, I would like to inform you that I am into online selling business from 1998 or to be more precise since 2001. I worked very hard in those days. I used to surf the internet on dial-up connection 12-15 hours daily to find out the way to sell my first product online.

I visited many online websites, do massive research to sell online. But remain unsuccessful to attract or even reach target prospects.Many times my internet connection was suspended by the service provider due to non-payment. Then My father paid all telecom dues & asked me to start a decent job, but I always replied, Just gave me one more chance and so on. My parents prayed a lot for my success, But success was always running one step ahead of me on those days. I wanted to share one funny thing I was known as "Internet Boy" in those days in society because people always found me stick to the Internet all the time.

Later on, When I analysed, I have found so many reasons behind that failure. At that time, there was no medium to target audience reach, geographic marketing strategy, social media strategy & even I have no high online advertisement budget. There was one more important aspect of the failure was, people had no faith on online purchasing because companies demand payment in advance, so the people remain afraid of fraud & the companies did not provide any unconditional money back guarantee on their products.

In 2002, I started web hosting & website development company. I with my team created many local & international sites and so on. I always tried to give happy moments to my customers in rewards they referred my services to others.

In the year 2005, I gave up my efforts for second business in new Mobile VAS telecom business & started baby steps towards successful enterpreneurship and In fact, lots of companies came in online business between 2001 to 2009, but only a few of them remains successful for longtime. But I focused my eyes on finding new products & strategies to sell online products in these day too.

Later On, In 2009 I have noticed, there was the boom started in eCommerce market in India due to mobile penetration & the entry of online marketing company, Flipkart, in the Indian market which was launched as on 5th Sep, 2007 to sell online books. The company entirely changed the mode of operation in the online selling business.

The first & the principal reason for the success of e-commerce in India is due to COD (Cash on Delivery). Now the customers start making payments after getting their products at home or office. The another significant change was Easy Returns. You are now free to replace or even return the product if you feel the quality of the product is not up to your expectation or any other reason. You can return the product within 10-30 days, without assigning any reason. There will be no question or objection from the company. The next important reason for success was unconditional 30 days money back guarantee. Any product you return to the company, you will get 100% of your money back within 7-10 days in your bank account/Wallet without any deduction. In offline or traditional purchasing, will you get this kind of facilities, I think you will never, Is'not.

Today besides Flipkart, big E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm are doing good business across the world. You will find world renowned company Adidas is joining hands in the online advertising, leaving aside the traditional TV & paper publicity. Also, Social media marketing was rocking from last many years throughout the world. Today, Brands are most likely to engage their customers and find new customers through social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp & Twitter, etc. People are also selling their private label products to local & national market with social media marketing nowadays. The online sale means you can buy private label products from a wholesaler without brand or with your brand and sell those products on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal & Paytm on your price for part time full time even from your home. Millennials like you are earning huge profits in these days by selling branded and non-branded products online on social media to their friends, relatives and new customers.

Now there is a burning question. Just try to realise that as on date what are you & what are you doing? And the big second issue is that what do you want to do & what can you do? Do you want to start your career in online selling under professional guidelines? I am here to guide you all the secrets formulas with latest techniques to sell online for success, As I want to see you as A Successful Business Person this year.